Specification for Bands

                                                     INFORMATION BANDS XXL Bluesclub (Patio) 2022:


Capacity:                                          200 – 250 pers.

Stage:                                                5.00 x 3,00 m, Height 5.00 m

Acces:                                               Parking space next to the café only for load-in and out

Get-in times on Sunday:              13.00

Sound check:                                  13.45 – 14.30

Club open :                                      14.00

Start show:                                      15.15


Audio Equipment List:


Main PA System:

Top: HK Elias EPX 112A / Active Systeem 400W RMS – 128 dB

Sub: HK Elias EPX 115 Sub A / Active Systeem 400W RMS – 136 dB


FOH set:

Allen & heath MixWizard WZ 16:2

16 Mic/line inputs and 2 stereo return inputs

16 Internal effects

4 Monitor groups


Monitor set:

5x HK PR:O 12MA/ Active Systeem 600W 123 dB


Microphone set:

2 x Shure SM 57 / 5 x Shure SM 58 BETA/ 5 x Shure SM 58 etc.

1 x Shure drumset  PGDMK 4

2 x Behringer DI 100 DI box etc


We are working with 103 Db Max. at the mixdesk!


The sound-set is only in operation by our own sound team.

Guest-technicians can give assistance or operation instructions.


There is a small light installation available.


Ask for information, questions and stageplots can be send to:

Sound Engineers E mail : monderstal@hotmail.com     jos@domverloaters.nl

de Patio
Vadaring 7
6702EA Wageningen

Bluesclub XXL

Doors open 14.00,

gig  starts at 15.15 hrs,